Project Planning

Task Assignment Sheet

This Task Assignment Sheet provides an easy way to keep track of tasks to be done, who is responsible for each, and when they are due, as well as space to write the action steps needed to complete each task.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

An original lesson developed by participants at the Oregon Leadership Teacher Institute, this lesson focuses on breaking large tasks into manageable steps.

End of Semester Dance Assignment

This lesson from leadership teacher Bill Battaglia assesses students' competence at project planning by asking them to plan a "make believe" end of semester dance from start to finish.

How to Brainstorm

This handout from Mike Smith of DifferenceMakers describes the Seven Steps for Brainstorming.

Checklist for Event Planning

This handy Checklist for an Event, from Mike Smith of DifferenceMakers, would make a good addition to a project planning lesson.

Developing a Plan of Action

This lesson from Learning to Give has students describe the planning process of setting up a service project.


Adviser Essentials: Project Planning by Lyn Fiscus is an essential resource for anyone who is responsible for planning projects and activities at school.  It offers guidance for both novice and veteran advisers on how to help student leaders work through some of the usual tasks that are common to all projects and encourage them to consider aspects they might not think of on their own.
$8.95 plus S/H