Ethical Decision-Making Model

Ethics Scoreboard offers an ethical decision-making model, as well as a collection of articles on ethics.

The Sound I Saw

This short video from Liberty Mutual's The Responsibility Project presents a compelling scenario where a young boy must decide whether to step up and tell the truth and accept responsibility, or pass the blame to another. Great discussion starter for students. 

Promoting Ethical Online Behaviour: Our Values and Ethics

In this 3-part lesson from the Media Awareness Network, students learn about online privacy and ethical behaviour by exploring their digital footprints to better understand how our online interactions may not be as anonymous as we think they are. In Part One, students create a digital map of their Web-based activities and the various characters and personas they assume online. In Part Two, students further assess the privacy and ethics of their online activities by applying their cyber-portraits to a questionnaire and, in Part Three, students look at areas in their virtual lives where they can make improvements.