Other Resources

My Delicious Account

In the course of my work, I run across lots of useful resources on the web.  You can find ones I find interesting or useful at my Delicious account: https://delicious.com/LynFiscus. I'm constantly updating it, so check it from time to time for new items.  Perennial favorites are listed below, in no particular order.


Movies and Videos for Leadership Class

Check this section for links to a wide variety of sources for using movie and video clips to teach various aspects of leadership.  Lesson plans included in many cases.


Searchable Database of Games

The Source for Youth Ministry has put together an amazing database of games, mixers, and icebreakers that is searchable based on things like size of group, supplies needed, preparation time, type of facility, etc. 


Herff Jones Impact Motivational Resources

Herff Jones provides monthly newsletters for advisers/student activity directors (Focus) and student leaders (Challenge).  You can find them on their website each month at www.herffjones.com/impact/newsletter_frameset.html


Youth Leadership.com

An online information center for youth leadership education and development.


Personal Leadership Insight Curriculum

The Personal Leadership Insight curriculum is built around ten PLI Essentials: vision, integrity, innovativeness, wise judgement, service mindedness, goal processing, skill assessment, emotional maturity, fostering relationships, and masterful communication.   Presents great ideas, info and lessons in a well-structured, easy-to-use format.  https://www.personalleadershipinsight.org/about.htm#curriculum

Here's an insightful reading on fundraising from the PLI blog, along with some good processing questions:  https://pliblog.yournextspeaker.com/2007/12/fostering-relationships-25-cent.html


Back Pocket Leadership

Back Pocket Leadership is a deck of cards featuring a leadership activity on one side and insightful debrief questions on the other. The 32 experiential activities include lessons on character, team building, communication, public speaking, and problem solving.  Put together by Jill Esplin of Leading for Life, these cards would be a handy thing to have for quick reference to some good lessons.


Service-Learning Resources

Check here for a listing of many good sites to assist with service learning efforts.


 Volunteerism Action Guide: Multiplying the Power of Service

This Peace Corps guide is a resource for volunteers and their community partners to plan, design, implement, and assess local service or volunteerism activities. Applying a service-learning approach when possible, this publication shows volunteers how to add value to their capacity-building work by helping participants in volunteer activities identify learning goals and integrate reflection in their work.

    * Part 1 of the guide is an overview and introduction to the elements of service learning along with important cultural considerations.
    * Part 2 is a step-by-step guide for creating service learning projects with suggested resources and provides a real life example of the process.
    * Part 3 is a template that can be adapted, translated, and used by local groups or organizations to design their own service activities.

Download the Action Guide at: www.peacecorps.gov


The site of motivational speaker Mike Smith hosts a great SwapShop section with lots of contributions by various student activity folks.  A few are linked to in the Activities and Lessons section, but it's worth checking out.


Search Institute's Developmental Assets

This page has printable versions of Developmental Assets for each of the different age groups, from pre-school through age 18.

Authentic Leadership

Excite others to exceptional performance with this article on Authentic Leadership that focuses on the question: “Why should anyone be led by you?


Fast Company Leadership Lessons

Who are the world's leading authorities on leadership and what can you learn from them? This site offers a roundup of thoughtful and hard-won lessons from some of the smartest minds in the business world and beyond.


Poster-Making Tips

Several good sites exist that have tips for making effective posters:

• Two-page handout with poster making tips from the University of Illinois Extension Office

Poster design tips from an AENJ presentation by John Gierla, Newark, NJ

Poster tips from the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension

F.O.C.U.S. on Posters : Tips for Making Successful Posters, a PowerPoint presentation by Phillip Martin

Parliamentary Procedure Online Course

The American Institute of Parliamentarians offers a ten-lesson course in parli pro based on the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised.


Washington Activity Coordinators Association (WACA)

WACA has a nice collection of ideas shared by advisers in such areas as icebreakers, energizers, team-building activities, service projects, recognition, publicity, spirit, fundraising, and more.


8 Secrets of Success

Three-minute video distilling 500 interviews with successful people into 8 secrets of success.